Father + daughter day of fun!!!!

Giants game with my dad!!!!

I love seeing this on my dash! 

Missing a few people today!

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QuestionWhat kind of knowledge/ skills do you need to have in order to have your job title or any job in your field? Answer


I have 6000 messages in my inbox and 80% of them are this question-  

This job is not meant for everyone. This is a job based on ‘people skills’ and personality. I can sit down and break down exactly what you need to do to accomplish the tasks that compose this job  but if you dont have the ‘people skills’ to do it you will be dead in the water. My first job was with a VERY popular punk band and the TM said “We didnt hire you based on your resume, we hired you because I knew I could be around you 24/7.”  This is why bands hire their friends to work for them, because it is majority base on personality. You could know how to the job to the T, but if you dont get along with the rest of the crew you wont be coming back. 

This is not a job you learn from a book, you learn it from doing it and that goes for the majority of the jobs in the touring world. You start off with an idea and as your resume builds your skill set expands. 


😂😂😂😂😂 #pinkhairdontcare

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Thank you so much @jennations for the cut and color! You are the best!!!!!!!!!

It has been too quiet being home. 10 days until the chaos continues @hollyletch @carolinecarter8 @jillpowellglam @natskins @andria_goodrow. miss you guys!!!!!

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QuestionDo you know if AIW does interships or any thing like that for someone going into the music field Answer

We do! Ill find out more and post about it when we are looking. 

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QuestionSo who has more flannel on this tour, you or Demi? Answer

A flannel a day keeps the crazies away. 

*that makes no sense but Im keeping it*

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Questionwhat exactly is it that you do? Answer

Depends on the day- 

75%- i’m the tamer of fans

15%- I’m the official Hanger-Outer of the Bay area

5%- I’m asleep

5%- I’m making coffee

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QuestionWill you be on Lana Del Rey's tour?! Answer

Nope. But I love her! 

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QuestionWere you on the neon lights tour? Answer


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QuestionDo you get mostly hit on by dudes or chicks? Answer

Online- Chicks

In the real world- Dudes

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QuestionWhat is your fave hair color that you had? Answer

I loveeed this one. It was weird and I loved it. The way the light hit it was beautiful.