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Questionwhy is not permitted to stay with the phone in MG? Answer

Can I just use the reason “Because I said so” as a response?

We/ I dont do anything without reasons. Just trust me when I say- Sorry, No phones. 

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Questionyou take picture with everyone who asks of you? Answer

Nope. I am a woman on the move, you have to find me when the stars aline. 

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QuestionIt is such bullshit that you dont allow us to give gifts to the artists. You need to seriously re-evaluate. Answer

It is not my policy it is security. 

I can list a thousand reasons why we dont allow gifts and the main reason is safety. Not too long ago a girl pop group from japan had a MG the guy who walked in was hiding a knife in a teddy bear and slashed 2 of the girls. Blood in cupcakes. Mysterious powers in envelopes. Razorblades in letters or the framework of paintings. Needles in stuffed animals. An ear in a box with the note ‘are you listening’…  A BOMB… No joke. 

You are probably, most likely, perfectly sane, but there could be someone who wants to harm the artist for some self gratitude, my job is to follow the rules set by security to prevent an issue. What you see is me not allowing you to hand an artist a letter, what I see is me preventing a ‘what if’ situation. 

 We have never thrown away a letter or meaningful gift. 

Coffee is the root of happiness.

Photo with @miss_vernon from last weeks trip to sephora! Yay! #adventuresinmakeupland

  • Chris: You wear so much black.
  • Me: It's my power color.
  • Chris: It all makes sense now.

The last fly date before the fall tour! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Clearly I take group photos seriously// Tahoe

The awkward moment when you open your production office’s window curtains and this is what you see…

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Questionif you could choose a place to spend the rest of your life, where would it be? Answer

In Ian Somerhalder’s arms. 

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Questionget out of my head! serious Answer


not sorry…

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QuestionI thought you were talk about the name of a band that doesnt like. So you dont care about the style of music, but with the message that it passes to people, right? Answer

Correct. You can actually tell when an artist doesnt write their own music, because you can actually hear them lack honesty in their voice. 

It’s like when you hear really young artists sing about things they have no idea about, mainly love. 

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Questionwhat kind of music you do not like to listen to? Answer

The kind of music that lacks honesty. 

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Questiontakes me one doubt, the passwords of the photo albums of the M&G are created by you? Answer

Yep, all the passwords for Demi come from the depths of this dark mind. 

I think it’s time to bust this crew jacket out of storage.